12 Tips to Unlock Your Child with SleepTalk

Every Parent Dreams of a Happy Child

Every parent dreams of providing their child with a strong foundation for a happy, confident, and successful life. What if there was a way to help your child develop positive self-beliefs, conquer challenges, and build emotional resilience while they sleep? The Goulding SleepTalk Method offers an extraordinary opportunity to communicate directly with your child’s unconscious mind during the most receptive hours – their sleep. Let’s delve into this remarkable technique and discover how the SleepTalk Method can pave the way for your child’s brighter future.

The Sleeptalk Method Unveiled

At its heart, the Goulding SleepTalk Method is a powerful yet simple process that allows parents to engage with their child’s unconscious mind, nurturing positive beliefs and behaviors. Developed by Joane and Jim Goulding in the 1970s, this innovative technique emerged from their genuine desire to help their daughter Michelle overcome severe challenges. The results were so remarkable that they decided to share this method with the world.

The premise is as fascinating as it is simple: by gently introducing positive affirmations and suggestions to your child while they slumber, you can tap directly into their unconscious mind, where beliefs and thought patterns take root. It’s akin to planting seeds of positivity and empowerment in the fertile soil of their subconscious. The method is designed to be safe, ethical, and suitable for any family dynamic.

The Dynamic Between the Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Before delving further into the process known as SleepTalk, let’s briefly discuss the intricate relationship between the conscious and unconscious (or subconscious) mind. The unconscious mind refers to the vast reservoir of thoughts, memories, and desires that operate beneath the surface of our awareness. In contrast, the conscious mind represents our immediate awareness and decision-making processes.

The unconscious mind plays a pivotal role in shaping our beliefs and behaviors. These unconscious beliefs, often deeply rooted and influenced by experiences, upbringing, and culture, influence the way we perceive the world. If a child grows up with consistent messages, these beliefs can become ingrained in their unconscious, impacting their self-esteem and choices. These beliefs can be negative or positive.

The Goulding SleepTalk Method capitalizes on the acceptance of suggestions by unconscious mind. By delivering the specially constructed affirmations, know as the “Foundation Statement” directly to the unconscious mind during sleep, parents can bypass any barriers that the conscious mind might erect. This gentle and non-intrusive approach allows for the confirmation of love and happiness, and setting a platform for the introduction of new and empowering beliefs.

The SleepTalk Process: Nurturing Change While They Sleep

The SleepTalk Method involves a straightforward yet profound process that can be easily incorporated into a child’s bedtime routine. Here’s how it works:

  1. Prepare: As your child sleeps peacefully, turn off any external noises such as TV programs or streaming or radio podcasts.  Take a few moments to relax yourself and review the script. This sets the stage for a calm and focused communication.

  2. Read the Script: In a low voice – not a whisper – gently read the 88 word Foundation Statement to your child. It is essential to repeat it exactly, word for word with NO changes. The words of Foundation Statement are simple and easy to understand. This is so that children of all ages can understand it. Remember, the unconscious mind is highly receptive during sleep, and this enhances the effectiveness of these positive affirmations of love and happiness.

  3. Consistency: Consistency is key to success. It is important to repeat this process every night, for two to three months. This allows the positive messages to take root and flourish over time. The Goulding SleepTalk Method doesn’t demand extensive time investment – just a few minutes each night can yield transformative results. If you do it, it will work. In other words, if you don’t do it it won’t work.

  4. Simplicity. It is easy to do as there is just a short script to follow. Reminder: It is absolutely critical that you stay on script and do not vary from the script. It might be simple but it is powerful. It is important not to confuse simplicity with effectiveness.

What is the Ideal Age to Start?

SleepTalk is best done with young children; from babies to pre-teens, although we are aware of parents having success with younger teenagers. Interestingly, there is evidence that babies who hear SleepTalk Foundation Statement while in the womb react to hearing it after being born. Consider, at 18 weeks a baby starts to hear sounds. Around 26 weeks a baby responds to noises like voices. While the baby might not understand the meaning of the words, the sounds and timing of the phrases do appear to be recognized by the new born baby. The SleepTalk affirmation could be perfect for mothers to say to their babies while in the womb.

The Endless Possibilities of SleepTalk

The potential applications of the SleepTalk Method are as vast as a child’s imagination. Here are just a few areas where the SleepTalk Process has demonstrated its remarkable benefits:

  1. Boosting Confidence: SleepTalk empowers parents to instill a strong sense of self-confidence in their children. By consistently affirming their capabilities, children can develop a deep belief in their potential.

  2. Addressing Behavioral Challenges: Areas of concern where SleepTalk has been shown to be effective such as bed wetting, sibling rivalry, bullying, school refusal, and many others SleepTalk offers a simple, safe and ethical solution for fostering positive behavioral change.

  3. Overcoming Anxiety: SleepTalk can help children cope with anxiety and fear, providing a foundation of emotional resilience.

  4. Enhancing Learning: The method has shown promise in aiding children struggling with academic challenges, providing a supportive environment for improved learning.

  5. Health and Well-being: From bed-wetting to nail-biting and dietary issues, SleepTalk has been associated with positive outcomes in many health-related concerns.

  6. Building Positive Relationships: SleepTalk can promote harmonious relationships among siblings, nurturing a sense of understanding and cooperation.

  7. Coping with Life Changes: Whether it’s parental separation or other significant life changes like moving away from home or going to school, SleepTalk can provide emotional support during challenging times.

The Advantages of SleepTalk

There are many other advantages of SleepTalk:

  1. There is no need for your child to consult with any adult. There is no need to leave your child with another adult, while you wait in a waiting room.

  2. Proactive: At times parents feel helpless – that there is nothing they are able to do to assist their child. SleepTalk allows the parents to be able to take some control and work with their children.

  3. Privacy: It’s done in the comfort of your own home.

  4. Time Saving: There is no need for the parent to take time off work, or take the child out out of school to consult with a health professional.

  5. It is inexpensive. The book that teaches the Technique can be purchased for around US$50.

  6. It’s Effective. The Foundation Statement is the basis of all SleepTalk. Every parent that does SleepTalk starts with the Foundation Statement and has been found to be effective in around 8/10 issues. In the event that there is an issue doesn’t resolve, there is further assistance available with specialist SleepTalk Consultants.

  7. Assistance by Trained Consultants: Should you need assistance, there are health professionals trained in the SleepTalk Method and have been certified as Consultants to assist you. They can be found in the USA, Europe & the UK as well as Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia and many other locations. Remember the Consultant works directly with the parent — not the child — and many Consultants offer teleconsulting by phone, skype or zoom.

DIY Book or SleepTalk Consultant?

The benefit of SleepTalk is that it is possible to get going immediately! The book covers the first part of SleepTalk, known as the Foundation Statement. The Foundation Statement directly addresses love, happiness and positivity in general. Interestingly, while it may not directly target specific issues, the positive affirmations found within the Foundation Statement often results in many beneficial changes to the reasons of primary concern like bedwetting, sibling rivalry, bullying and school refusal.  As every parent starts the same way, whether  by book or consultant, the book is an immediate and  inexpensive way to get started.


Empowerment and Lasting Change

What sets the Goulding SleepTalk Method apart is its potential to create lasting change. It’s not about quick fixes or temporary solutions; it’s about instilling a resilient and positive mindset that accompanies your child throughout their life journey. By dedicating a mere fraction of your time each night, you’re sowing the seeds of empowerment that will flourish into adulthood.

Moreover, the SleepTalk Method provides a unique opportunity for parents to reinforce their love and support. In a busy world filled with distractions, this method carves out a dedicated space for nurturing your child’s emotional well-being. As you engage in this process, you’re not just speaking; you’re forging an unbreakable bond of trust and understanding.

Embrace the SleepTalk Revolution

In a world where children are bombarded with various influences, the Goulding SleepTalk Method offers a beacon of hope and empowerment. It places the reins of positive change firmly in the hands of parents, allowing them to be the guiding light in their child’s journey towards self-discovery.

By embracing the SleepTalk process, you’re not just helping your child overcome challenges – you’re equipping them with the tools they need to navigate a world filled with possibilities. The Goulding family’s legacy, born from their love and dedication, has touched the lives of families worldwide. Will you join this revolution of empowerment and transformation?

In the realm of parenting, few methods offer such a simple yet profound path to nurturing a child’s potential. The Goulding SleepTalk Method beckons you to take that first step – to explore the boundless potential of your child’s unconscious mind, one night’s sleep at a time.

Efficacy of SleepTalk

There are countless success stories and many testimonials, but SleepTalk Method is not just anecdotal evidence from satisfied parents. Over several decades, many healthcare professionals have incorporated and recommended this process, witnessing the transformative impact it can have on young lives.

The SleepTalk Method aligns with principles from psychology and neurology, leveraging the brain’s remarkable plasticity – its ability to rewire itself based on experiences and repetitive stimuli. By consistently introducing positive suggestions, parents can influence neural pathways, shaping healthier belief systems and behaviors.

Negatives of SleepTalk

Experience over 50 years has shown that there are few negatives with SleepTalk. By tapping into the child’s subconscious mind it is possible to directly affect change. The biggest problems that we see are generally related to parents:

Parents going off script. The biggest problems we see is if parents are impatient and feel that they know better and decide to use their own affirmation. Unfortunately when parents go off script it generally creates a worsening of the problems and often introduces new issues. The Foundation Statement is concise and complete as a starting point. It has been arrived at after years of use it does not need to be adjusted. If after 2-3 months change has not occurred or gone far enough, we insist you then see a SleepTalk consultant. Any further affirmations for an individual child’s primary need for for support are carefully thought out or modified for each child by a trained SleepTalk Consultants.

We cannot stress enough: STAY ON SCRIPT!

Parents Stopping too Early: Best results occur after 8-12 weeks, as it can take a little while for negative thoughts to be dislodged by the positive affirmation. It does work best if both parents are involved. If there several children, the parents should take turns. If one parent is absent, record the affirmation and play the recording on alternate nights. But if both parents can’t be involved, one parent is far better than none. Do stick with the process  and there will be benefits.

Negative Reaction: On a rare occasion there can be a negative reaction. This is generally due to a long held negative belief being challenged by a positive change. It may create a contradiction in the subconscious mind, which may cause a conflict and result some sort of unusual or challenging behavior. First, this is not a bad thing!. It shows that the process is working! If it happens, it usually happens very early on, but may cause parents to drop out as they think the situation is getting worse.  You should consider this as evidence that the process is working. In this case, persevere with the process and there will be a change for the better.

This process is an unusual parenting method for changing the outlook of a child by getting to the source of the issue. It can help with: 

  • Bed Wetting
  • Sibling Rivalry 
  • School Refusal
  • Self Esteem
  • and much more

It is simple to learn – all you need to do is read a script to them.

It takes you just 5 minutes a day – at a time that when the child won’t say no.

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