Knowing When to Potty Train Your Child

When it comes to potty training, each and every child is different. Some children will be able to potty train at an early age. Others may wait until they are 4 to start the potty training process. Each child has a different personality, and each child matures at a different rate.

You need to make sure that you do not start your child too early. This may cause issues with the process, and may make it difficult to potty train later on. You need to understand when to potty train your child. Taking the time to understand the right time to potty train is crucial for you and your child.

Age Range

People tend to attempt to put an age cap on potty training their child. They think that a child must be potty trained by a certain age. While it is inappropriate for a child to not be potty trained by the time they are in school, there is no real limit set in stone.

Some children are prime for toilet training at an age under 2 years. Other children are not ready to be potty trained until they are 3 or 4. Do not consider age as an issue when thinking about potty training and your child.

Actions and Maturity

The real indicator of readiness for potty training is in the form of the actions of your child. You want to pay attention to various aspects of their actions. Children will not be ready for potty training until they start to notice when they need to relieve themselves. When a child starts to act awkwardly, before they relieve themselves, they are paying attention to feelings that are important for trying to potty train.

Children will also start to show other small indications that they are ready for potty training. One of those ways is when the child is uncomfortable with a full diaper and brings it to your attention. You may also begin to see changes in facial experssions or even the child becoming silent prior to the event.

Family Timing

If you are looking into the right time to start potty training, think about your family life. Think about the stability of your family, in terms of big changes. If there is a move coming, or a new baby on the way, do not start potty training. Any big changes will make it difficult for a child to potty train.

It is important to be realistic about potty training goals for your child. Many feel that they need to have their child potty trained by the age of 3. Some children are not ready until they are older than three. When you take the appropriate age into account, you should think about the actions of your child. Some children will show signs of readiness before others. You can then think about the timing in terms of your family life. If you take these thigns into consideration, you will know when to potty train your child.