Creating a Natural Baby Nursery

If you’re expecting a baby anytime soon, then you know better than anyone how exciting it is to create a nursery for your very own newborn. You have to debate with your spouse about picking the right color, the right bedding, the best toys, beautiful mobiles, and of course – creating the safest environment your baby can be in. Creating a natural baby nursery is simple to do and fun – you just need a few essentials.

First, consider the infamous color of the room. Whether you choose blue, green, yellow, or pink, you need to be careful with the paints that you choose. Many paints contain VOC, a chemical that can be harmful to your baby once the paint dries and the chemicals are released into the air.

Whether you go to a hardware store or a small paint shop, make sure you ask for paints that are either low in or have no VOCs in them. Also, when purchasing paint, ask someone to show you the low-odor paints so that yourself and whoever is painting the room with you won’t get sick.

Getting the best crib for your child’s natural baby nursery is extremely important to you. You want them to be comfortable yet safe when they (finally!) sleep through the night. When choosing natural, look for cribs made with solid wood with low VOC finishes or paints.

Cribs made of laminated or pressed wood can secretly release formaldehyde into the air in your baby’s nursery. Formaldehyde is released from the type of glue that’s used in those types of cribs.

When settling on a diaper changing table, you’ll also want to choose natural since we all know how much time your baby will be spending on that very table. You want to try to stray away from furniture made with laminated or pressed wood.

Instead, you may want to consider purchasing unpainted wood furniture for your natural baby nursery. You can then paint it with all sorts of fun colors (even ones that match your décor). Using milk paint on the furniture is the best way to go if you want colors such as blue, yellow, or pink because it’s naturally VOC-free.

When using stains to color your changing table, use a low VOC stain because it’s much better for you. If you’re unsure of whether your already-bought paints or stain are low VOC, you can make it mostly low VOC for yourself. All you need it to is remove all of the packaging it came in and air out the paint or stain in a well ventilated area but somewhere unfrequented or unoccupied.