Early Learning Is a Parental Decision

There are many things that you must do as a parent, some of which can cause controversy among your friends and family. One such decisions is the choice of practicing early learning techniques with your child.

Generally speaking, early learning is the practice of teaching your children while they are still very small. There are several methods which can be used to engage your child in a learning experience, but by far the most successful technique is to make the experience as fun as possible.

It’s a common fallacy for people to believe that a child begins learning as soon as it’s born. The fact is – a child begins learning before it leaves the womb! It has been proven that a newborn baby can recognize the voices of those she heard in the weeks before her birth. This means that the child will recognize the mother’s and father’s voice, as well as those of any siblings, as a familiar voice.

Early learning has many proponents as well as many opponents, due to the varying ideas and opinions on how the early learning process is to proceed. In the past, many parents in the rush to see their children gain an intellectual advantage over their peers would use a highly intensive drill of showing cards with pictures and related words to their infant children, along with verbal cues as to what was represented on the cards.

This practice resulted in many parents being looked upon as being too aggressive for the good of the child, and the entire early learning process was called into question about whether or not it was a good thing.

Learning techniques can fall into the category of being too intensive or they can be presented more on the level of the child. Most modern day parents who choose to start their children off earlier on their learning experience have themselves learned that the activities which produce the best results are those which are closer to the level of the child, incorporating the element of fun.

Just like their adult counterparts, children will retain more information when it’s absorbed in a favorable manner. More times than not, the favorite way for any child to learn is by participating in a fun activity that’s shared with their parents or siblings.

Whether or not you choose to use early learning techniques with your children is purely a personal choice, which only you can make. You must take into consideration what you wish to accomplish with your child’s early education, and make your decision based on this consideration.

As parents, it is your duty to prepare your child to interact and survive in the world around them. How your child is educated will have a huge impact on their life, and you have the starring role in your child’s education. There are many websites and books available on the subject which you can use to further explore this fascinating type of accelerated learning.

This process is an unusual parenting method for changing the outlook of a child by getting to the source of the issue. It can help with: 

  • Bed Wetting
  • Sibling Rivalry 
  • School Refusal
  • Self Esteem
  • and much more

It is simple to learn – all you need to do is read a script to them.

It takes you just 5 minutes a day – at a time that when the child won’t say no.

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