12 Tips to Unlock Your Child with SleepTalk

Every Parent Dreams of a Happy Child Every parent dreams of providing their child with a strong foundation for a happy, confident, and successful life. What if there was a way to help your child develop positive self-beliefs, conquer challenges, and build emotional resilience while they sleep? The Goulding SleepTalk Method offers an extraordinary opportunity to …

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The Stop Go Game

This is an article about the importance of language and children   Anytime you’d like your children’s behavior to change, rather than what you don’t like or want them to do, try to tell them what you’d like in a positive way. Consider that the subconscious doesn’t process a negative. (Try this,  Don’t think of …

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Is the Goulding Method Sleeptalk Brainwashing?

The Goulding Method SleepTalk, a technique involving communicating with children’s unconscious minds, is a means to nurture emotional resilience and self-esteem, acting as a shield against negative influences. While brainwashing implies controlling the mind, the Goulding Method serves to foster a foundation of self-worth based on love and happiness, protecting children from modern world pressures. …

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