Successful after school programs

What marks a successful after school program? What are the things that you

should look for when enrolling your child into one such program? Other

than the obvious advantage of learning something new, successful programs

incorporate many things that help the development of the child.

Development of social skills is one of the more important objectives of a

good after school program. In a recent survey, parents indicated that

while they do want their children to respect others, they also wanted them

to imbibe skills like getting along with other children and getting used

to children outside the immediate circle of friends. Many children find it

difficult to make new friends and get along with people outside their


Good after school programs place special emphasis on security and safety.

They keep children out of trouble and keep them safe. A good after school

program should be fun, especially when the children are young. If the

activity is fun, you will not have to worry about keeping him interested

or motivated. To be effective, programs should be organized and

structured. They must also suit the age of the child. The child must be

aware of the purpose of the program, and must be convinced that they are

attending the programs to accomplish something.

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This process is an unusual parenting method for changing the outlook of a child by getting to the source of the issue. It can help with: 

  • Bed Wetting
  • Sibling Rivalry 
  • School Refusal
  • Self Esteem
  • and much more

It is simple to learn – all you need to do is read a script to them.

It takes you just 5 minutes a day – at a time that when the child won’t say no.

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