It goes without saying that being a parent can be a time of stress, even for the most experienced and well prepared parent.

From newborn babies, toddlers, teens and even beyond, we aren't born with a knowledge of how to raise our children and they don't come with an instructional manual. 

And each child is so different! What works for one doesn't always work for the other.

Smart-parenting has many useful ideas about how to be more confident with your parenting decisions.

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Successful after school programs

What marks a successful after school program? What are the things that you should look for when enrolling your child into one such program? Other than the obvious advantage of learning something new, successful programs incorporate many things that help the development of the child. Development of social skills is one of the more important …

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Adopting a Child

One of the most significant decisions you may have to make is whether you want to adopt a child. When it comes to adoption, there are several decisions you have to make before you begin the adoption process. The first, and one of the most important decisions that you will have to make, is what …

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Potentials of after school programs

With children becoming the primary focus of society, ways and means to ensure their safety and development are being researched. The Government too has pooled in to make a success of such programs. Here are some of the reasons why after school programs have become so popular: 1) Preventing Juvenile Delinquency, crime and violent victimization: …

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How To Pack For Your Baby

So you’ve been at home for a couple of months now, and you’re ready to take a trip. What kind of special considerations need to be made in order to make sure that you are prepared for parenthood on the road? Essentially, you want to make sure that you have everything you would need at …

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How to Treat Your Baby’s Cold

Your baby’s cold can be just as hard on you as it is on her. But you can help ease your baby’s discomfort and keep the infection from worsening by ensuring she gets sufficient rest and liquids, which would include breast milk or formula if she’s less than four months old. Older babies can have …

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Homeschool – Field trips

If you are going over a particular subject with the family and feel that a field trip would be beneficial, then that’s what you should do – go for a trip. If you are attached to a support group, you can plan to include other children too. Here are some guidelines that will help you …

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Diapering 101 – How to Fold and Use Cloth Diapers

Let’s skip right past the great diaper debate and assume that you’ve read what there is to read, done your soul-searching, and made your decision – and for your baby, it’s nothing but natural against that tender skin. Whether your decision is ecological, economical, or based on something else entirely, you’ve decided on cloth diapers …

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Benefits of a good after school program

Children grow up in a society that demands expertise in everything. You really cannot sit back and decide that learning from textbooks is enough for the overall development of your child. It’s the age of specialization and your child cannot afford to miss out on this window of opportunity. So, scour your locality for the …

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Bestsellers in Natural Baby Gift Catalogs

Searching hard for those best-selling natural baby gifts? Look no further. There are many things necessary for the newborn and its family so it becomes hard to choose just one. With this list of bestsellers, you won’t have to play the guessing game – you can be confident in all of your choices. Depending on …

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How to Buy Maternity Clothing Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to women’s clothing, they always tend to be priced higher than those for men. The price for women’s clothing also varies when it’s broken down into their respective categories. Maternity clothing is considered a specialty line of clothing, because it’s only worn by women who are pregnant and only used for a …

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How to Enjoy Parenting With These 8 Great Tips!

  There is no manual or guide that can tell you the proper way to be a parent, because every child is different and should be treated as such. Although that is true, there are some great tips you can employ to make parenting a much easier job than it has been. 1 / Teach …

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Pink, Blue Or Undecided?

The pink or blue question is a moot one these days, isn’t it? After all, it’s so easy to tell the gender of a baby before the happy day, so there’s no need to guess. Well, that’s not strictly true. Even with the advances in technology, ultrasound pictures aren’t always one hundred percent certain, and …

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